Vincent KleinerEdit

Debut (Story)
  • Split Embers
Appears in Split Embers, Confused and Tainted World


Birthdate June 17
Gender Male
  • Split Embers: 21-25
  • Confused and Tainted: 25+
  • 6'5
  • Sorcerer
  • Split Embers: None
  • German (American)
Reason for getting into the College Made a bunch of 3D Models based on various archeticture such as statues and he won an award on making a realistic depiction of what Atlantis might be like in a video game. Also has hacked into several government websites and went to prison twice for it.
Studies in College Unclear
[hide] Elements
  • Unknown
[hide] [Other Spells]
[hide] Weapons



Serious most of the time, at least that's what he claims. In truth, it's hard to say because he tends to be a rather quiet individual. He always keeps a level head, goofy around people he trusts.


6 foot 5, 285 pounds (not fat, muscular), blonde hair, one blue eye and one red eye, blonde facial hair


Video game programmer who hacked into government servers and the like. An online friend with Max at one point in the past. He later becomes a drummer in a band with Max and Leon.


  • Joins the band with Max and Leon

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