Maxwell SchneiderEdit

Debut (Story)
  • Chapter 1 of Split Embers
Appears in Split Embers, Confused and Tainted World


Birthdate June 21
Gender Male
  • 22
  • 6'1
  • Sorcerer
  • Split Embers: None
  • Confused and Tainted: Head of Schneider House
  • German/British (American)
Reason for getting into the College Award winning best selling author/novelist, scholarship (one hit wonder)
Graduation Goal Major in theater and minor in literary arts/creative writing
[hide] Elements
  • Wind
[hide] [Other Spells]
[hide] Weapons



Extremely competitive, but doesn't mean to be, he just is. He actually has his primary interest in acting/theater but has writing as a side hobby, even though his best selling novel got him in. The novel won an award, but him and another person were compeating unofficially for that award as they were both books released around the same time and both best sellers. He also enjoys fencing and only joined for fun, but got competitive in that anyways. He's actually not that good at fencing (but by no means bad either), but keeps constantly going back anyways, determined to become good at it. He's also got a relatively goofy side and wants to enjoy a good party from time to time, feeling his life before College was really boring, especially considering he spent a few years doing very little with his life after he graduated high school. Pretty straightforward guy, which sometimes bites him in the ass. Has a temper, that stems from the fact he cannot stand being bullied or controlled.


Short goatee, long brown hair, blue eyes. Pail skin. Is built skinny.


Was bullied alot as a kid, after he graduated high school he didn't do much with his life aftewards until he felt inspired to write a novel detailing the events of an imaginary magical wizard who defeated a powerful dragon. It won many awards and became a best seller, which granted him an invintation to join the school under full scholarship. He accepted immdediately, due to the fact he was lonely and needed to find a direction to go with his life, thinking acting was something he'd like to persue.


  • Other school activities: Fencing, persuing a metal band with Leon (vocalist).

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