Leonard McknightEdit

Debut (Story)
  • Chapter 1 of Split Embers
Appears in Split Embers, Confused and Tainted World


Birthdate January 14
Gender Male
  • 23
  • Unknown
  • Sorcerer
  • Split Embers: None
  • Confused and Tainted: Head of Mcknight House
  • German (German, UK and American citizenship)
Reason for getting into the College Won a grammmy for gothic rock in guitar and also played the chello

at a concert for the Queen of England

Studies in College Fencing, Orchestra, Biology
[hide] Elements
  • Arcane
[hide] [Other Spells]
[hide] Weapons



Cool, calm, collected yet competitive. Very loyal to his friends, makes fast friends with Max. Extremely defensive of his friends. Doesn't like to get into a fight but is quick to get into the fight if his friend is in danger.


A German American,his father was full blood german who went on a trip to America and fell in love and got married and had bore a child. Then they moved back to Germany. At the age of 5 Leon's mother passed away which sent him into a depression that lasted years. This is what sparked his creative genius in gothic music. At the age of 18 he moved from Germany to London, where he played for the Queen. In London, he formed a grammy winning gothic rock band and later joined the school.


  • Likes his new roommate is Max and they start a metal band together. Respects that Shakira and Max are friendly acquaintances, but can only stand her so much before he wants to deck her in the face. Leon notices Jericho's temper and thinks "he can think he's a badass and all that, but if he tries anything on me, he's in trouble." Leon is on the fencing

team. He doesn't like Syanne and thinks she's a whore, and has thought,"she needs to wake up and smell the roses."

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